Audio Units – Funk Hause EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM012
Release date: 2015-03-09

2015 is already looking to be a funky year, and Audio Units new release, “FunkHaus”, intends to keep it going. We get some delicious hi hats and liquid funk rhythms melt throughout the track around your ears; a wet noise that reverberates around and gorgeous music through and through. This is music with personality, an intimate tune for private party playlists among like-minded friends.

Jakobin & Domino create a less busy track with their remix, giving more space to breathe, with slower, more drawn out sounds, like electric breaths, to appeal to the dancers and head nodders out there. Their take is modest and minimalisitic, a cool track that glides onto the scene with fingers clicking to the beat.

“Soulblunt” goes one step further for Audio Units signature style, taking its chords and rhythms to different levels of interpretation and evolution, from minimal territory to its full form of repeated bars that float into different shapes and sounds. Its originality is retained; utilising moments of quiet softness to fade softly in and out between synths, pulses and wobbles.

Lancaster’s remix brings in a buzzing, whirring, digitalised feel to the track. Imagine techno lounge music, filled with character, atmospheric charm and unmistakeable appeal. A break in the middle gives way to a moment of soft drums, keys and deep vocals that soon crash into a beat that is nothing but pleasant to the senses. On top of a cavalcade of novel sounds that whizz and tinkle throughout, this is a remix that does wonderful things to what was already perfection.