Coeo – Physical EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM008
Release date: 2014-11-03

Coeo (Lets Play House / Toy Tonics / Sccucci Manucci) begins his ‘Physical’ EP with an ever-present beat that starts the groove and keeps it going; an obnoxiously listenable synth hitting through between echoed vocals, so that the moment things get quiet, you wait in anticipation for the song to burst back in, sounding ever so slightly more groovy, like something you missed the first time round , it comes back bigger and better.

Kreature’s (Armada Music / Nurvous / Light My Fire) remix takes the beat down to a gentle level, and makes it become the tune, adding a new rhythm, dropping in new sounds at unexpected intervals and getting you used to the unpredictability, but retaining a consistently cool tone.

Trav & Volta (Sleazy Deep / Love Not Money / Arteform) take the original and spin it with their own melody, reimagining the tone of its predecessor. There’s a touch of dark tones that work deliciously well with the tough synth hits that define the track. The tone shifts completely, becoming a wonderful rework of the original.

“Whatever”  has the beat take a backseat, this time it’s all about the melody, which becomes a sort of energetic instrument, changing itself to alter the rhythm, before swiftly exiting to make way for some sweet acid sounds that, as before, retain the energy and movement of the track. Soon everything comes together, ending in a devilishly deep harmony.