Coloured Tones Vol.3

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM042
Release date: 2021-06-25

Colour In Music is back with the Coloured Tones series. This time we bring you a five track VA that’s going to be a delight for the exquisite dancefloors.

Opening the trip, “Upper Reaches ” by Selfart & Oxi, an emotional tune that takes you to a special landscape somewhere on planet earth. Lush pads and choirs patterns, combined with pianos and something that resembles a nice guitar riff.

“Tanlines” lifts you now to something more dancy. Azbin brings this deep house track, spiced up with tech influences, low spoken voices. Pumpin square bassline makes a perfect duo with the chords. Deep house at its finest.

“Arrastre ” gives a welcome back to one of the most prolific artists of the label.
Ethan Poe continues the chord and pad luxury and delivers a very complex but easy going track. No more words needed.

“Keep Coming “. Melody. Is the first thing that comes up to our minds
Amod3us brings us with a Melodic Techno track. Cuted and delayed voices and some fat synthetizers makes this track the heaviest on this VA.

“Gray Dance”, closes the path of quality. Max Metrix brings not grey mood, but joy.
Progressive arrangements with some 90´s touch that will not disappoint the revival rave memories.