Deep City Groove – Down In Front EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM007
Release date: 2014-09-29

Deep City Groove (Toolroom / Alive / Extended Play) continues the summer sounds for Colour In Music with “Down in Front”, a somewhat harsh track that will get used to loud, hot rooms pretty quickly. Moments of bass and beats are eventually lifted to euphoric heights, before dropping back into the heat of things; it plays on the listener’s expectations, but gives them something they want.
Dave Nash (Colour In Music / Cream Couture / Love Not Money ) lends his talents to the first remix, flipping the tone round and taking the euphoria of the original to new places, creating a floating track that whispers with light synths. The harsh edge of the original is still noticeable among the layers of sound, before coming to the forefront for a proud and momentary return.
The remix by Andy Burton (Colour In Music / Electronique) builds itself up slowly, with elongated chords of reverbed keys dropping into a cool beat, alongside a pulsing bassline and deepened vocals that wail into the distance.
“What Say What” continues the familiar style into a beat focussed track, laced with cowbells and vocals, adding to the song with an immediate charm. It’s a track that demands your attention, evolving off an already established familiarity from the previous track and taking the listener to uncanny territory; familiar, but delectably different.