Fauvrelle – Music Machine EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM016
Release date: 2016-06-27

Fauvrelle (Defected / Saved / Moda Black) is back. The Portuguese artist, returns with the boldly titled “Music Machine”, an EP built from whirring cogs of creativity and pulsing waves of electronic ingenuity; flowing through a short, but sweet aural journey.
“Reverse Machine” plays to its name, taking you back to that dark dancefloor; no gimmicks, no cliché, just music made to change the way you move.
“Melody Machine” hums with a lightness and familiarity that suggests this is the second side of the same coin. Not just a B-side, it’s a lighter homage to its predecessor; the moon to the sun; the yin to yang.
Memoryman (aka Uovo) (Defected / Toolroom / Flashmob LTD) takes a much different approach to “Melody Machine”. Here both sides of the coin have been blurred, there’s a distinct urban darkness, but its constantly nodding to its binary opposite, blipping in and emulating the original, but with an unpredictable reimagination that is sure to surprise the ears.
“Addictions of a Wolf”, a track previously released on the ‘Coloured Tones’ – VA, a confident music that fills the room with a distinct personality. With generous use of wavy synths creating a consistently attractive sound, and subtle basslines contrasting to a well-thought out rhythm and sound.