Freddie Glitch

Exciting times for Freddie Glitch. Not only has he hit upon a rich vein of creative  inspiration and loving every second of being in the studio making music with his  partner Fewture, this young man from Amsterdam also seems to be inadvertently,  or maybe purposefully, shaping a fresh direction for the Amsterdam deep house  scene. 

Taking up influences from Chicago via Detroit, London, Berlin and San Francisco and with a broad knowledge of deep house, jazz, funk, soul and disco that goes  way beyond his years, he managed to get residencies at the Deep House  Amsterdam movement as well as at the online magazine His beats  got support from names like Pete Tong, Shadow Child, Alle Farben, Waze &  Odyssey, Nachtbraker, Jamie Trench and many others and brought him and  Fewture bookings all over Europe. Amongst others, his sets were heard at P!TCH Festival Amsterdam, Boothstock Festival Rotterdam, at his residencies at  sinnmusik*’s warehouse parties in Barcelona, the infamous LOK parties at Bourbon  Dogs in Berlin and the Block Parties in Amsterdam’s Chicago Social club as well as  all the major clubs in Amsterdam and Antwerp. Spring 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018 led  him to China where he did 5 Asia tours

When Freddie performs, he confidently takes you to an uncontrollable dancing  state of mind, led by either emotive keys in a breaks warm up session or an  energetic deep house groove influxed with jazz and funk bits and with a love for  vocal stabs throughout the whole set.