Harmon Ikka – Life In Decay EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM018
Release date: 2016-08-08

Colour In Music returns to pursuing the delivery of proper house music, this time teaming up with Portuguese artist •Harmon Ikka• for release number 18.
The Ep opens with ‘Life in Decay’, an almost nine minute long atmospheric house journey. Building around a really hypnotic digital bell melody, ‘Life in Decay’ surprises with heavy Linn-drum samples, almost ambient breaks and a gnarly bassline to boot.
Munich based producer •Moony Me• delivers a wonky and jazzy remix of `Life in Decay’, full of crunchy, broken drums and distorted chords. The main bell theme from the original is mangled and time-strechted to great effect, making this a standout remix from a creative viewpoint.
Hushed vocals, subtle leads and an evolving staccato synth-bass are the defining elements of ‘Warm Memories’. While there’s a distinctly mellow side to the track, the percussion heavy drums give this track just the right edge to be perfectly fit for the dancefloor.
‘Alien Runner’ is the most moody piece on the EP, with a stripped back drum groove full of delicate dub elements and a slowly building synth line. The melodic elements are later contrasted with a squelchy acid sequence, making the track a great late-night contender.