Jakobin & Domino – Static Tides EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM017
Release date: 2016-07-18

“Jakobin & Domino (Large Music / Luv Shack), the Austrian duo known for their bleary eyed house tracks return to Colour in Music with a stunning two track EP, with Coeo and Will Berridge on remix duties.

‘Static Tides’ is clearly the more dreamy and intense original on the EP. Its slowly building pad and stab theme is nicely complemented by delay drenched vox.

Coeo (Toy Tonics / Let’s Play House) deliver a remix for ‘Static Tides’ that is bereft of classic house themes, stripping the original to its bare essence and turning it into a late night techno track with a pinch of jazz.

Will Berridge (Save You / Manucci’s Mistress) also remixes ‘Static Tides’ with the help of his AKAI tape machine. The result is a moody and organic house track that has a gritty warehouse feel to it.

Last track from their EP, ‘Let’s Talk About’, a simple yet effective chord driven house track with dense and poignant vocal samples and a classic drum groove.”