Kres – Right Here EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM009
Release date: 2014-12-01

“Right Here” from Kres (Defected / Snatch!) takes convention and does away with it, using hi – hats and swooping, stiff waves of deep sound to create a unique style for ears tired of the same songs. The satisfying sound of cymbals tinkling in brings a surprise beat that sits at the back of the track, nodding cooly, with the waves becoming clear chords; this is a song that grows and grooves into life.

Dave Nash (Cream Couture / Dear Deer) takes the energy of the original into his own style, of dreamy, wavy riffs among the familiar beat. Here is a vastly different tone; a softer side, swelling and shaking before dropping in a completely different sound. This remix does a lot to keep things interesting, working wonders off an already stellar original.

Ricardo Baez (Gomma / Toy Tonics) makes the hi-hats a bit less prevalent for his remix, bringing in a shaking percussion and electric bass rhythm, that follows the analogue inspiration of before. Like the original, this mix isn’t afraid to go to new places, becoming different; altering and distorting sounds to hushed, breezy levels, but with the bass plucking all the while, keeping the track together and the listener entranced.