Luis Bravo

One thing that always stands out about Luis is his creativity and passion for his music. Born in the Azores, he gained his love of music from an early age, focusing on electronic sounds. His music comes from the soul and throughout the years he’s gained a solid reputation among his peers and fans with support coming in from all quarters.

Luis is on the scene like from around 10 – 15 years,has support and respect from many artists such as : Slam,David Keno,Paco Osuna,Hermanez,Dj Luis Leite,Carlos Fauvrelle,DJ Vibe, Pedro Goya, Zoe Xenia and many more. Released tracks on : Natura Viva ,Monog Records,Casa Club Records,Homemade Records,Colour In Music ,City Life ,DeepFreaks, Good For You Records “Piston recordings,House Please with Markus Raute and more.