Marcus Raute & Eastern Resident – Vento EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM025
Release date: 2017-09-11

Marcus Raute & Eastern Resident return to Colour In Music for the tasty Vento EP, consisting of four tracks that represent the deep soul of CIM.

“Vento” is a crackly house jam that is blissfully minimalistic, with a shuffling groove crafted around chords and synths that take us right back to 90s to Jersey.

Pysh are having a totally fresh take on “Vento”, turning the stripped back shuffler into a playful, almost jazzy Henrik Schwarz-esque 8 minute burner, packed with quirky stabs and eerie melodies.

“Slooh”, the other original track by Marcus Raute & Eastern Resident, is a similarly deep affair. Albeit moody and dark, the track is packed with dense drum programming, making it a dancefloor weapon.

“Slooh” also gets the remix treatment, this time by Raconteur, who turns the whole track into a laidback and extremely dense groover that keeps surprising with moody key melodies, trippy synth arps and a lovely second break.