Marcus Raute – More Was Never Enough EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM014
Release date: 2015-05-25

A nostalgic hum of classic house starts off Marcus Raute’s (Seven Music / Large Music) newest EP, with “More Was Never Enough”, a track of wobbling chords laced with experimental charm as they change through different filters and levels. Distant vocals coupled with a metallic beat accompany this modern nod to the classics. This is a maverick track that channels nostalgic house minimalism and subtlety.

Black Loops (Gruuv / Toy Tonics) remix makes reinterprets the song with an air of noir funk. Taking that wobbling riff low and echoey; the experimental nature of the original remains, but more attention is brought to a sexy looped bass riff; dubbed with a Morgan Freemen-esque voice, which introduces an ever so slightly heavier beat and an even more echoey synth before swelling back into the bass and sudden organ hits.

“Downtown Party” is pure instrumental old-school. A composition of ever moving beat and rhythms; Raute’s creativity is once again utilised to mix up the looped synths, missing beats, creating unpredictable flow and pure rhythm &groove. The beat flows non-stop, constantly dancing with the synth, for a track that sweats pure, unadulterated house.

Georgi Barrel’s (Sinnmusik*) remix slows things down, turning things breezy, with the low filters at just the right level to have the beat present, but soothing. You can hear the old-school inspirations of the original creep in, ever so slightly, without taking attention from the more relaxing approach to its predecessor.