Marcus Raute

Marcus Raute is a House Music producer and dj probably known for some of His Tracks like “Basement Love” still supported today or “Echoes” played on BBC Radio 1 by Kölsch as well as Paul Hazendonk in His live performances, to name a few.

An interesting fact about Him is that He appears as “little helper” or co-founder of projects like Marsupials (originally 3 members with Luigi and Max), Abnormal Boyz, BCD and a couple of bunch more.

Starting His producer career back in 2010, His big step has been releasing music on labels like Large Music, Plastic City, Lapsus Music, Frole Records and collaborating closely with His friends at Piston Recordings and Colour In Music, having the privilege to be remixed by the likes of Black Loops, Georgi Barrel, ThermalBear, Liam Geddes, Luvless and many more.

Born and raised in Naples, Marcus has lived for a short time in Berlin and little after moved to London where He is actually based and already performed at the top clubs in town like the legendary Ministry Of Sound, the renowned EGG London club, Lightbox, McQueen and Acquarium with local crews, and countless of boat parties on the river Themes playing lots of b2b with Eastern Resident, with which He produces the well supported “Vento EP” released in 2017.

Marcus’ music is supported by many established Dj and producers around the world and well featured and sponsored on the major music stores consecrating Him as a multitalented and creative person with a very wide music view thanks above all for having had the opportunity to meet such great people during His journey that contribuited to built His music knowledge.