Marsupials, Marcus Raute – Everything Crashes EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM011
Release date: 2015-02-09

Marsupials & Marcus Raute (Seven Music / DaBit) present an ice-cool begin of year release with “Everything Crashes” EP.

“Everything” begins with a sassy vocal, alongside smooth humming chords, starting a track that works with its contrasts. The hums become shorter hits, the vocals less harsh. A build up drifts in, but drops into funky finger clicks and soft tones for a song that wears modest originality proud and well.
“Crash” a jazzy ensemble with string-like sounds that softly hum behind satisfyingly hissing hi-hats.

Luvless (Tsuba / Razor-N-Tape) takes “Crash” to 80’s experimental techno territory, thanks to some fiercer electronic stabs that build up to subtle changes in the beat, utilising those string sounds to casually sit in the background; a modest remix and hit in its own right.

Workerz (Back Office Records) takes the softer tones to interesting venues for the remix of “Everything”, making use of more immediate synth hits to let moments of tranquility be all the more welcome. A soft howl falls into quiet drums, before bringing in a new sound; a near emulation of guitar wails that add a novel edge to an already refreshing track.