Meek – Cities Of The West EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM026
Release date: 2017-12-18

Meek is back!… With a wicked slice of dubbed out house music on the ‘Cities Of The West’ EP.

The title track, ‘Cities Of The West’, is a moody and laid back piece of Dub House that relies on a wonderfully reduced set of vocal snippets and filtered stabs, building from a half beat to broken 4 to the floor goodness.

The Fulltone remix of ‘Cities Of The West’ is equally chilled, even slower in tempo, but adding layers of witty synth bleeps, sequences and harmonies on top of the stab theme from the original.

‘Manoe’ is another stellar example of Meeks playful minimalism. Behind a layer of heavily filtered pads and delayed keys, a low, thudding kick is the only thing that reminds us we’re still in dance music territory.

‘Side Shuffle’ is arguably the most condensed track of the bunch, with otherworldly soundbites consisting of hints of voices and distorted and mangled string instruments, tons of delay and a warm kick that holds it all together.