Nick Neiman – Particle EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM035
Release date: 2019-11-25

With Nick Niemans Particle EP, portuguese Colour In Music imprint goes into progressive house territory.
The title track “Particle” gives a dark twist to the dubby aesthetics we’ve come to expect from Colour In Music. While the 4 to the floor beat is kept simple with a kick, a clap, an open hihat and scarce rimshots, the sound carpet that unfolds around it is brimming with industrial synth patterns and meticulous buildups that just make this track a sure shot for dark (ware-)house parties.
Colour In Music regular Luis Bravo takes the main synth pad from “Particle” and builds a clever shuffling house groove around it to create a moody head bumpin remix.
“Place” is the second original on the EP and its another fine display of Nick Niemans minimalistic, early progressive house approach. The beat is simple yet again, leaving enough room for the lush synth melody that bows to the likes of Booka Shade.
Marcus Raute, another Colour In Music favourite, takes on the classy “Place” and gives it an unexpected yet super effective makeover, with a killer bassline and tribal house drums for days.
The EP is closed with “Deep Learning”, the third original by Nick Nieman. The track has a more laidback feel to it, merging a deep sawtooth bassline with eerie pads, synthetic bells and a light hearted chord melody in the second half.