Sandru – Sun At Night EP

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM006
Release date: 2014-09-01

“Sun at Night” is Sandru’s (MBF LTD / Ostwind) newest effort to become stuck in the heads of house aficionados, and it’s a successful one. Signature chords beg to be recognised around clubs and festivals alike, with vocal samples sliced to make beats that bit more flavourful. This is a modest track that shines.
Maxim Lany (Kittball / Escapism Musique) takes the signature organ synth, adding a twist of sharp bursts that take the original, and make it that bit sharper. Quick bursts of sound make moments of elaborated waves that more pronounced, with a quiet bassline adding some lovely depth to an effortlessly pleasing track.
Simon Ferdinand’s (Night Drive Music / Landed) efforts add a darker vibe, evoking classic experimental house, changing the track in big ways, but for all the right reasons. Echoes and overlaps tumble into a strangely funky coherence. It’s ambitious, proud and a stellar track in its own right.
“Love to Give” ends the EP with a song that will become immediately recognisable in basements and bars; an arrangement of seductive vocals, layered over distant humming wobbles. It breathes in deep, before slowly bringing it all out.