VA – Coloured Tones Vol.1

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM010
Release date: 2015-01-05

Colour In Music are proud to present a spectrum of new sounds and exciting artists featured within this latest release, featuring a selection of favourites and future hits from across our palette of distinguished electronic music.

Fauvrelle (Defected / Moda Black) returns with ‘Addictions of a Wolf’, a confident track that fills the room with a distinct personality. With generous use of wavy synths creating a consistently attractive sound, and subtle basslines contrasting to a well-thought out rhythm and sound; Fauvrelle, as usual, does not disappoint.

Marsupials & Marcus Raute (Seven Music / Lapsus) present ‘The Way Back’, starring a swooning riff, with distorted, organ-like sounds that swish throughout, before drowning beneath spatterings of drum beats. The riff returns, bursting for air with a big beat and sounding even more fresh to the ears.

Coeo’s (Toy Tonics / Let’s Play House) track ‘HMAN’ takes on a satirically serious feel, with a vocal sample singing praises for house music accompanied by a rumbling, deep bass riff that loops alongside 80’s-esque dark synths that breeze in momentarily. The riff soon becomes the forefront of the track, stern, strong, heavy and memorable.

Bonetti’s (Piston) ‘Real Soul Never Dies’ cuts up electronic notes to create a jittery rhythm on this energetic track. It’s interesting and innovative, taking an experimental edge with sultry vocal samples and an unpredictable beat; this song leans towards an almost cult appeal, for lovers of the bold and new.

Kres (Snatch! / Rhapsodic) brings a sentimental appeal with the track ‘Be With You’, which has all the appeal and talent expected from a more mainstream artist. Starting with meaningful piano chords, they are soon built upon with whispered voices, a longer riff and modest beat. This is a song to appeal to a wide range of ears, and one that will stay in your head for days to come.

Flip Side shows us how sampling should be done with ‘P.Asher’, another step in experimental territory, with vinyl cracks and a dreamy loop, soon shortened and repeated, changing into a new tone altogether. The sounds drift seamlessly into ambience and a steady beat, without going over the top, and sitting comfortably at a level somewhere between grooving and relaxing.