VA – Coloured Tones Vol.2

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM020
Release date: 2016-09-26

Colour In Music is back with a six track strong VA compilation that’s boasting with heavy dancefloor material!
First up is Marcus Raute (Large Music / Plastic City / Seven Music) “If You”, a dense club track that builds up walls of stabs, funky guitar riffs and haunting strings on a broken house beat, evolving into an italo-esque synth groover.
Luis Bravo & Kruw’s (Monog / Good For You / Natura Viva) “For Y’all” takes a more classic approach, with layers of filtered pads on a boomin jersey house beat and lavish spoken vocals.
“Acid Night” by Bonetti (Piston / Grin Traxx / What Happens) is a persevering house track that is carried by a tight jazz infused drum pattern and an array of evolving synth flourishes.
Fasika’s (Sinnmusik*) “Blue Cheese” is a proper leftfield piece of house music, with a spooky hip hop lead accompanied by a frantic piano and lots of weird blips and blops on top of a sharp syncopated beat.
Taking a much deeper route is M. Vaughan (Monologues Records) with his moody “St. Go-Go”, a blissfull piece of house music that could easily have been made in mid 90’s chicago.
Last up is “Glasklar” by Chris Wayfarer (Da Way / Dragsonor), a dense, laid-back club tune with a lovely filtered rhodes theme and classic breakbeat sample’s accenting the groove.