VA – This Is Colour In Music – Part 2

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM020
Release date: 2018-08-20

‘This Is Colour In Music’ Part 2 it’s here!
Some of the hottest tracks released to date.

Coeo begins this V.A. with ‘Physical’, an ever-present beat that starts the groove and keeps it going; an obnoxiously listenable synth hitting through between echoed vocals, so that the moment things get quiet, you wait in anticipation for the song to burst back in, sounding ever so slightly more groovy, like something you missed the first time round , it comes back bigger and better.

‘Sun at Night’ is Sandru’s newest effort to become stuck in the heads of house aficionados, and it’s a successful one. Signature chords beg to be recognised around clubs and festivals alike, with vocal samples sliced to make beats that bit more flavourful. This is a modest track that shines.

Fauvrelle’s ‘Addictions of a Wolf’ is a confident track that fills the room with a distinct personality. With generous use of wavy synths creating a consistently attractive sound, and subtle basslines contrasting to a well-thought out rhythm and sound; Fauvrelle, as usual, does not disappoint.

‘Take Care of You’ from Jakobin & Domino is a suave and provocative song, with deep vocals and catchy chords that make way for tech sounds before delving back into deeper levels of audio seduction.

Flip Side shows us how sampling should be done with ‘P.Asher’, another step in experimental territory, with vinyl cracks and a dreamy loop, soon shortened and repeated, changing into a new tone altogether. The sounds drift seamlessly into ambience and a steady beat, without going over the top, and sitting comfortably at a level somewhere between grooving and relaxing.