VA – This Is Colour In Music – Part 3

Label: Colour In Music
Catalog: CIM036
Release date: 2020-01-06

‘This Is Colour In Music’ Part 3 it’s here!
Some of the hottest tracks released to date.

Kreature’s begins this V.A. with his remix of Coeo’s ‘Physical’. He takes the beat down to a gentle level, and makes it become the tune, adding a new rhythm, dropping in new sounds at unexpected intervals and getting you used to the unpredictability, but retaining a consistently cool tone.

Black Loops remix makes reinterprets the song with an air of noir funk. Taking that wobbling riff low and echoey; the experimental nature of the original remains, but more attention is brought to a sexy looped bass riff; dubbed with a Morgan Freemen-esque voice, which introduces an ever so slightly heavier beat and an even more echoey synth before swelling back into the bass and sudden organ hits.

The ARBG remix is a much more reduced but arguably even deeper affair, borrowing the light chords and a few instrumental touches from the original. The punchy drums and rolling bassline make this remix a sure shot for the dancefloor.

Moises remix of ‘Dapper Dan’ is equally minimal in its approach, however the looped detuned chords and dense rhythm evolving around a snappy stick-snare, give the tune an entrancing feel.

The Rhythm Operator remix takes things to a surprisingly light tone. The song flows rather than hits, echoed synths bring in beats softly and subtlely, taking that memorable riff and changing it to ambient pleasure.